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Was The Effort Worth It?

What Students

Are Saying

"Hire Cause was worth the effort.  One of the most beneficial skills I learned in Hire Cause came from having to present my work at the end.  I learned how to communicate the value of my work to others clearly and concisely."

- Laura F.  

Featured Changemaker

"As a student in the United States, I am fortunate to attend a school that is properly supplied with desks, chairs, and other educational necessities.


I decided to support UNICEF's KIND initiative (KIDS IN NEED of DESKS) because I was saddened to learn that 70% of students in Malawi do not have a desk or a chair, and children have to sit on the floor when learning. UNICEF aims to provide students with these basic tools.

Hire Cause helped me turn my mission into actual change.  The advice from my Hire Cause mentor and the encouragement from my friends, working along side me on their own projects, helped me ultimately create a fundraising event with a local business in the community and raise enough to help provide 35 students with desks and chairs who never had them before!

It was certainly worth it.  I learned leadership, communication skills, and surprisingly, the value of patience.  In school, you're taught to find a solution right away, but in the real world, it doesn't work that way.  I had to reach out to 10 different local businesses until I found the right partner that would help me host a fundraising event.  I ultimately persevered.  I was able to highlight this experience in my college application, and most importantly, I know the leadership skills that I learned will stay with me throughout college and life."  


- Brett K.  




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