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A Tribute to Our Essential Workers

Created by the students at Rachel Carson




OUR gallery of work

To My Doctor


Dear Dr. Levit,

Thank you for always supporting me with all my needs. You have been a true hero to me and all your patients.During the covid-19 pandemic you have always done your best to make appointments through video chats explaining the right treatments for me. Also you would extend office hours to support your patients with their Questions and concerns. You have saved lots of lives making people happy and healthy. You are one of the most great dermatologists out there. You are great for skin care and have made everybody feel confident walking out of your office. Thank you for working hard during this difficult time and risked your life just to save others. Stay safe and continue doing what you are doing. We are all a team and in this together.

Gabriella P.


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To My Doctor


Dear Dr. K,

       You have been our family pediatrician for the last 12 years. You have always been so caring about me and my siblings during normal times. Since the covid-19 pandemic has started you have gone above and beyond and kept your office hours long and have always been available to support all your patients in the difficult time of need. Your staff, Anna and Raya have always been available to us by phone anytime we needed you.


      Thank you so much for helping with the pandemic, and for risking your life daily to help others feel better. You have amazing courage and strength, it gives us all hope to make it through this difficult time. You are a hero and an inspiration to me and all your patients. Thank you again for always being there for us and making sure we are healthy getting out of your office.Also giving us the right treatments to make us feel better. Keep doing what you're doing and most importantly stay safe. We are all in this together.

Nicole P.

I would like to thank my uncle because he works in a restaurant and makes deliveries directly to people’s homes. I would like to thank him because not only my uncle but everyone in the restaurant industry is working very hard through this pandemic trying to make our lives more reasonable and better without taking care of their own lives first.

- Aisha S.

I’d like to give thanks to all the doctors and nurses that are still actively working in hospitals because everyday they risk contracting the virus. Some of those people chose to work and to help those that have been affected despite knowing that they could get it and end up in a hospital bed themselves. So I want to thank all the people still working in hospitals for doing what they’re doing to make sure everyone on the outside doesn't have to worry as much.

- Nathan S.

THank you

Thank You Scientists & Medical Workers

COVID-19 has been increasing in numbers every day, but still there are those who go out and try to create solutions to COVID-19 by producing a vaccine. Thank you to those workers in the medical field who are working so hard to help us through the pandemic.

- Farangiz B.

Thank you to all the heroes

Who work through thick and thin

By saving us from our lowest lows

In a haystack you’re the pin

Rare golden and strong

And one in a million

This will be over before long

So fight on my friends

- Dima R.

Image by Hanny Naibaho

To My Parents,


This note is for my parents who are still working throughout the whole time this pandemic was going on while many people are at home safe and well. I always tell them that their health and safety is priority but they have no choice because they are business owners. They tell me that they have to work to pay their employees and also they have to open in order to keep their business running. I feel kind of bad because while my siblings and I get to stay home, they have to go out. This just shows how much my parents care about me because they are taking a huge health risk by just walking out of the house and in addition to that they have to run their business where they are in contact with many other people. I really appreciate how much they care about me and their business.

Adriana N.


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Thank You to my Dad,

I would like to thank my dad for waking up every morning for work. My dad owns a deli and he opens up for people who wake up to get breakfast or food during the day. Other people who wake up early to go to work like my dad want breakfast early in the morning, so my dad makes sure he opens up early so people can have breakfast. My dad also wakes up really early to make sure he makes money for us to eat and to make sure he pays rent every month. My dad is very hard working and I hope he stays safe especially during this pandemic.

Taha A.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and support during this difficult time, for putting yourself in danger to save others, to save the public. Your humility, kindness, and strength are greatly appreciated. A hero comes in many forms, to me my hero is every one of you

- Afruza A.


Heroes come in many forms not always with a cape

They tell us ‘ put your masks on, ‘ stay 6 feet away before the bad guy comes to play

He sneaks up on our loved ones and takes our family members away

But our heroes stay to fight the bad guy and help people live everyday

In case you're wondering who he is, his name is COVID-19

Everyone stays at home so our heroes are the only ones he can defeat

Every fallen hero, every doctor every nurse

Every fallen warrior every firefighter with this curse

Won’t ever lose their respect for standing up to a killer

For Without our heroes we’d all be his final dinners

So take this time to thank our essential workers

For they are the real covid 19 warriors

- Shyanne R.

THank you

I would really like to commend my father for going to work and still pushing through this tough time and working his butt off for our family. And that goes to my mom too because she works taking care of the children of first responders at a nearby school.

- Damian M.

My Essential Worker Experience


I have been an essential worker at this time of crisis for two days (worked 10 hours) by making pizza at “Little Caesars” which was for training. Unfortunately, they did not hire me. But I’m good because I made a lot of pizza for people, which felt like a nice way to help. Also, I found another job. So, I’m good. At least I helped someone, right? It was hard, so shoutout to all the essential workers because I didn’t think that it would be this hard, and I learned that every single job in the world has at least one hard part about it so I got respect for all the essential workers.

- Sarhad H. 

Image by Simon Maage

Dear Mom,


How does it feel to constantly be in the front lines? Does it give you adrenaline? Pain? Hope? Fear? You do your job so selflessly and put others first before you. I learnt a lot from you just from the occupations you have...Used to be EMT and now moving onto a hospital worker after a heavy accident. This determination saves lives and to that I say...Thanks for making this world a better place, and one worth living in. Your efforts and contributions will not go in vain.


- By youy son, Joey V.


& Letters

To My Mom & My Sister’s Boyfriend

            My mother has still been working during this time and so has my older sister's boyfriend. My mother is a crossing guard and she works on weekdays by the school on the Coney Island Prep side. My sister’s boyfriend works cleaning buildings. I understand why they go to work because they have to pay bills, pay for food and my sister is pregnant and we still need things ready before the baby comes. I wish they didn’t have to work now during this corona virus and not just them but everyone else who has to risk their lives to go out and work. I hope and pray that everyone who is out working, risking their lives that they are safe and so is their family. Some people working aren’t getting paid enough but they should all get paid more and for the people who can’t go work should get paid as well.

- Kayleen D.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Doctors, who have treated thousands of people, even at the risk of their own lives, despite the many challenges we face today.  Nowadays, the number of deaths is increasing and the number of people infected with the covid-19 pandemic is also increasing.  In spite of all this, I would like to express my gratitude to our doctors who do their job honestly and conscientiously. ❤️

- Makhliyo U.

Thank you to Doctors

Doctors have a duty to care for the sick, they have implicitly agreed to take the risks of caring for people during this pandemic. Thank you to doctors for the difference they make in the lives of patients, their kindness, sincere caring, and concern make everything better.

- Maryam S.

THank you

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