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The Hire Cause Fellowship is a 5-week experiential learning program that empowers high school students in grades 7-12 to grow professional skills through civic engagement, partnering with local businesses to raise awareness and money for the charity of their choice.    

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You have to live it to learn it 

Only 11% of employers think that graduates have the skills needed to 

succeed on day one of the job.  These skills can only be learned

through living them, and most internships focus

only on administrative tasks.   


We are empowering you to bridge this skills gap

through our fellowship program, in a way that

makes a difference in the lives of others and

helps you stand out to your dream 

colleges and employers.  




David Dvorkin

Founder, Hire Cause

  • Former Internship Director for the official radio partner of the Grammy Awards &​ was responsible for hiring recent college graduates.  

  • Studied the design of internship programs including the benefits and limitations.  

  • Was bothered by the fact that not everyone has access to good internships and the majority of internships solely revolve around administrative tasks.  Employers want students to have certain professional skills, but are too busy to teach them.  

  • Felt compelled to create a space where students are gaining more meaningful experience, in which they learn and grow professionally from leading projects that positively impact their communities.  

Your Future is his passion

Meaningful Experience to

Explore your interests

Students partner with businesses to serve non-profits, using this project-based-learning & social impact experience to explore industries that interest them and causes they care about.    

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Share your goals and interests with us.  Let us know the impact you want to make and why you want to make it.  


Students will be notified that we received their application, and we will email you to schedule an interview. 

Pick Your Charity

Decide on your

"Hire Cause" and get excited to grow new skills through making an impact in your community.

Go Time

Become the leader who makes a difference.  Stand out to colleges and employers  in a way that fills you with pride.  

Program Dates

Join the other student leaders who are taking charge of their future. 

Early Application deadline: April 29, 2023

Acceptance date: May 6, 2023

Tuition deadline: May 13, 2023

Program start date: July 11, 2023

Program end date: August 12, 2023

If your application is accepted and the program is at capacity, you will be notified about upcoming program dates and given priority.








The movement of social & emotional learning

Hire Cause believes we need to create better leaders, not better test takers.  


Principals, teachers, employers, foundations, and governments are realizing the growing importance of social and emotional learning in schools.  Find out more here, and learn how Hire Cause is working to help lead…

Thought Leadership

Day 1



Why save all of the best wisdom and career advice for college students on their LAST DAY before they graduate? What if we asked the Michael Jordans, Oprah Winfreys, and Warren Buffets of the world to share career advice with students four to eight years earlier on DAY ONE of high school? Students would have more time to explore, make mistakes, and apply the social and emotional learning principles from today's most influential role models.  Hire Cause is working to make this a reality.


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