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The Hire Cause Fellowship is a 5-week self-designed internship around a project that serves a charity of the students’ choice. 


Instead of shuffling papers and just doing what you’re told in a busy office, you will have the opportunity to create, lead, and design your impact in your community, while receiving tools, resources, coaching, and access to a professional network to amplify your impact. 


Hire Cause was created with input from faculty at Columbia University.  It uses digital tools like Slack and Zoom virtual video meetings between professionals and students to create change.  More than 200 students have led projects in their communities and raised awareness for their chosen non-profits along with fundraising more than $40,000 for their charities.  


The tuition for the program is $2,500. Financial aid opportunities are available.  Students meet virtually in learning groups each Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm across the 5 weeks, and spend about an hour a day working towards their impact goals. Professionals are available on every coaching call to help students with their projects.  Professionals in the Hire Cause network have come from companies including Google, Facebook, Spotify, and Nike.   The charities that have been beneficiaries of students’ work include The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and Room to Read.   


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